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Online Banking Overview
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  Online Banking

It’s tough enough to find time to work, or for that matter, play or relax. So who has time to go to the bank?

Managing your money has never been easier or more convenient. At no charge to you Alaska Pacific Bank provides you one more way to manage your money with FREE *Online Banking. And now our Online Banking is better than ever.

Not a user? What’s holding you back? You’ve come this far, so give our Online Banking Demo a click!

Online Banking

Online, Real-Time, 24x7 Access*

Online Banking is available anytime from anywhere you have Internet access. Transactions made prior to 8:00pm Monday through Friday and prior to 5:00pm Saturday will be effective the same day, while transactions conducted after 8:00pm Monday through Friday and after 5:00pm Saturday will be effective the following business day.

* As with most electronic systems, Alaska Pacific Bank’s Online Banking occasionally requires maintenance. We will do our best to alert you of scheduled system maintenance as it is brought to our attention.

Access Your Accounts

Deposit Accounts:
View up to three months of your Alaska Pacific Bank deposit account information, including checking, savings, money market, and certificates of deposit.

Loan Accounts:
View up to 12 months of your mortgage or personal loan activity including current balance, interest, escrow and payment history. Make loan payments from your Alaska Pacific Bank account.

Transfer Funds

This simple tool allows you to move funds between accounts; for example, you can transfer from checking to savings or from a deposit account to make a loan payment. Funds can be transferred one time, or can be set up as a recurring transaction.

Order Checks

Place an order for checks in a secure environment. Choose from a variety of check styles and enjoy the convenience of viewing and editing your check information online.

Export Account Information

To help store and manage your account information, online banking provides an exporting feature to use with a personal financial application such as Quicken, Microsoft Money, or QuickBooks.



eStatements from Alaska Pacific Bank are a free alternative to receiving your bank statement(s) in the mail each month. Instead, you'll receive an email from the bank letting you know each time your statement is available to view and download online. eStatements are securely stored in Online Banking for 18 months from the date they are posted. Yes, I want to learn more.



Want to keep on top of your accounts?  Use eAlerts to better manage your money. It’s a free enhancement available through Online Banking.

Setting Up an eAlert

  • Set up an eAlert and we’ll send an email notification to you, based on your instructions. The eAlert will be sent to the personal email address that you provide.
  • We also offer the option of having a text message sent to your cell phone. If you prefer this option, you simply enter a cell phone related email address in the email address box.  Your standard text messaging fees, if applicable, would be charged by your cell phone provider.  Listed are some of the most common in Alaska.  If yours is not on this list, check with your cell phone company.
    • AT&T:
    • ACS:
    • GCI:
  • You can set up and cancel eAlerts or delete a pending eAlert at any time, through your Online Banking service.  Just go to the messages section of your “Accounts” page. Select “New” to set up a new message.  Click on “Messages” to manage existing messages.


eAlerts Can Be Set Up for the Following Events:

  • Your checking or savings account balance drops below the amount that you set.
  • A specific check that you designate clears your checking account.
  • A specific deposit that you designate is posted to your checking or savings.
  • The balance on your Certificate of Deposit reaches your designated amount.
  • When the outstanding balance on your Consumer Loan or your APB-serviced mortgage loan drops to a set amount that you specify.


Processing of eAlerts

  • Processing times—for more timely notifications, we process eAlerts three times each day: 11:00 am, 5:00 pm, and 10:00 pm—Alaska Time.
  • One time alerts—are sent only once.  An example is a notification that a specific check has cleared your account.
  • Re-occurring alerts—are sent each time the event occurs. An example is a balance eAlert.  When your balance falls below your designated amount, an eAlert is sent. If your account balance drops at 2:00 pm, for example, the notice would go out at the next processing time, which would be 5:00 pm.



Online Bill Pay

We offer the convenience of paying your bills right from your computer. It’s easy, and once you set up your usual payments one time, you can have them paid automatically, or you can pay just by entering in the amount and date you want the payment made, and you’re done. It’s a great way to take the hassle out of paying those bills each month. Yes, I want to learn more.


Enrolling in Online Banking

It's Easy to Enroll

Complete a quick online enrollment form. Then, in a few days, you will receive your temporary password and access ID in the mail. For security reasons, you will receive them in two separate mailings. When you login the first time, you will be prompted to change both your password and access ID. (You can also enroll for Online Bill Pay at the same time; for your convenience, both services are accessed by the same password and security ID.)

Your Access Codes

When you select your password and access ID, you will need to choose a minimum of four characters and remember that it is case sensitive. Make sure you choose something that would be easy for you to remember, but would not be easily guessed by others. Please keep your password information in a safe place. If you lose either, you will need to contact us, and we will have to send new ones to you in the mail.

Inactive Service

For your protection, if you do not login to Online Banking for a period of 180 days or longer, our system will automatically cancel your Online Banking service. If you decide you would like to begin using Online Banking in the future, you will need to re-enroll.


Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements

Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 w/128 bit encryption*
Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5.0 or higher

VGA graphics capability

16 bit color palette

Screen Resolution of 800 by 600 pixels
Screen Resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels

28.8 Kb ISP Connection
128 Kb ISP Connection

* AOL users must have Internet Explorer 5.5 w/128 bit encryption with Service Pack 2 installed.


Protecting the Security of Your Financial Information

We’re committed to keeping your personal financial data safe and secure. This section explains additional steps we take to protect your Online Banking service.

Fraud Updates

For more information on how you can protect your personal financial information, please go to our regular feature, Fraud Updates. Remember, we will never email you requesting account numbers or personal financial information. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Access Your Account
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Online Bill Pay Guide
Get answers to your Online Bill Pay questions.
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